DMX LightShow 1.2.1 B1023 1023

DMX LightShow 1.2.1 B1023 1023



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Date Added:05 February, 2013

Author: SwiftTec

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The SwiftTec DMX LightShow software family was designed to make it easy to control DMX equipment such as stage lighting. It comes in various forms:

DMX LightShow - the main product which encompasses all the DMX technolgies with unlmited universes.
DMX Console - a tradition syle console interface with a limited number of DMX channels.
DMX Manager - an advanced system for controlling multiple DMX universes.
DMX Theatre - a system for theatres with a single DMX universe
DMX DJ - a system for DJ's allowing multiple concurrent lighting effects to be run.


The following feature are common to all the DMX LightShow family of programs.

Supports mulitple DMX controllers (some products have built-in limits as to the number of active universes, e.g. DMXconsole will only control a single DMX universe)
Hot-swappable DMX controllers - if one interface stops running unplug it, plugs in a new one and it takes over automtically.
Editable scenes for creating quick changes to multiple devices. Each scene has
A name field
Changeable colours on console display
Single or multiple frames for creating static or dynamic lighting changes. Frame types include
Fade - smooth fading
Switch - instance switching
Delay - time delay (no device changes)
Loop count for frames (option for continuous)
Editiable effects - similar to scenes but which only work on selected devices.
Unlimited multiple concurrent effects - the only limit is the power and available memory of your computer!
Editable channel definitions (Dimmer, Mode, Pan, Tilt, Gobo, Mode, etc)
Comes with a number of pre-made device templates (XML format)
American DJ - Mega Bar 50RBG (7 channel mode)
American DJ Pearl LED WH
Batmink RGB LED - 7CH.xml
Chauvet Insignia 2.0
Chauvet Mini Legend EILS-425
Generic RGB LED - 7 Channel
KAM DMX Laser40 FScan
KAM MH-644B Barrel Scanner
LED PAR-56 RGB Spot, Short
LEO MH-630
Martin Destroyer X250 (Single Channel Mode)
Martin Punisher X250 (Single Channel Mode)
Martin X250 Destroyer (5-channel)
QTX FX1000 Hazer
QTX SmartPar-36
Sea Whale
Showtec Expression 5000 (12-channel)
Showtec Indigo 4500 (14-channel)
Showtec Phantom 300 Spot (22-channel)
Soundlab Low Fog Machine
Vellerman VDLPROM5
Vellerman VDP250SC6

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: DMX controller   light controller   DMX manager   light   controller   manager  

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